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9th Workshop in Speckled Computing 2010

This took place on 24 and 25 November 2010 in the Ground Floor, School of Informatics, 10 Crichton Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9AB.

24 November 2010
  Session 1: Speckled Interactions
08:45 Welcome and Introduction
D K Arvind (School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh)
09:00 “Spatial Reasoning about Human-Robot Interactions” (PDF)
Aris Valtazanos (School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh)
09:30 “Validation of a Distributed Estimation Algorithm for Mobile Gait Analysis using Specknet”
Alexander Pappe (Otto Bock Gmbh, Duderstadt, Germany)
10:00 “Experimental Measurement of Dynamic Loads of Structures Induced by Groups and Crowds”
Vitomir Racic (Department of Civil & Structural Engineering, University of Sheffield)
11:00 “Interactive Music Systems and Sensor Technologies”
Marc Leman (IPEM, Ghent University, Belgium)
11:30 “Body-Based Gestures and Social Acceptability” (PDF)
Stephen Brewster (School of Computing Science, University of Glasgow)
13:00 “Speckled Flamenco Dancer”
Mariza Dima (Edinburgh College of Art)
13:15 Welcome and opening of the Centre for Speckled Computing
Sir Timothy O’Shea (Principal, The University of Edinburgh)

Session 2: Thematic Talks
“Better Monitoring of the Acutely Ill Patient”
Gordon Drummond (Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh)
14:00 “Using Specknets to Understand Land-Atmosphere Interactions at Multiple Scales” (PDF)
Mathew Williams (School of Geosciences, University of Edinburgh)
14:30 “Anticipating Behaviour” (PDF)
Alan Murray (Edinburgh College of Art)

Session 3: Speckled Healthcare
15:30 “COPD and Activity Monitoring” (PDF)
William McNee (Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh) & Roberto Rabinovich (The Queen’s Medical Research Institute)
16:00 “Remote monitoring in COPD - What's Missing?”(PDF)
Brian McKinstry (Centre for Population Health Sciences, University of Edinburgh) & Janet Hanley (NHS Lothian)
16:30 “The Use of Specks in Gait Analysis” (PDF)
Alison Richardson & Jennifer Walsh (Astley Ainslie Hospital, Edinburgh)
17:00 “Alarming Seizures” (PDF)
Kamath Tallur (Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh)
17:30 “Applications of Speckled Computing in Sleep Disorders”
Renata Riha (Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh)

25 November 2010
  Session 4: Monitoring in the Natural Environment
09:00 “The Need for Real-Time REDOX Measurement in Freshwater Ecology” (PDF)
Bryan Spears & Bernard Dudley (Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, Edinburgh)
09:30 “Development of a Real-Time, in situ REDOX Sensor for Monitoring Microbial Sediment Processes” (PDF)
Andrew Free (School of Biological Sciences, University of Edinburgh)
10:00 “Using Specknets to Measure Crop Stress and Forecast Disease” (PDF)
Simon Oxley (Scottish Agricultural College)
10:30 “Linking Soil Carbon Distribution and Physicochemical Conditions in a Heterogeneous Arctic Landscape” (PDF)
Audrey Wayolle (University of Stirling)
11:20 “Mesh” (PDF)
Marco Elver & Harry Wagstaff
11:30 “Flexible Environmental Monitoring of Buildings” (PDF)
Nicky Ellakirk, Marco Elver, Ivan Konstantinov, Peter Nock & Marciej Soczka
12:00 “On-body Indoor Navigational Assistance for the Visually-impaired” (PDF)
Igor Czerwinski, Dimo Iliev, James McKeown & Tsveta Stoyanova
12:30 “Awesomegotchi – Proximity Gaming for Social Networking” (PDF)
Marcin Bot, Mateusz Byczkowski, Ross Hamilton, Andrew Sogokon & Harry Wagstaff
13:30 “Aerodynamic Speech Database – the New Questions” (PDF)
Didier Demolin (GIPSA Laboratory, Grenoble, France)

Session 5: Monitoring in the Built Environment
14:00 “Crowd Flow Modelling and the Future Benefits of Speckled Computing”
David Brocklehurst (Buro Happold)
14:30 “Video Tracking of Human Activity and Voice Recognition Co-combined in Augmented Interactive Performance Environments” (PDF)
Simon Biggs (Edinburgh College of Art)
15:00 “Tales of Things and other Ghost Stories”
Chris Speed (Edinburgh College of Art)
16:00 “Evaluating the Performance of Occupied Buildings – An Opportunity for Specks?” (PDF)
Zack Gill, Buro Happold
16:30 “Tacit Knowledge to Embodied Interaction: Specks in ‘Research by Design’ ”
Mark Wright (School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh College of Art)
17:00 “Algorithmic Challenges for Sensor Networks in Environmental Monitoring” (PDF)
Sotiris Nikoletseas (Computing Technology Institute, University of Patras)