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7th Workshop in Speckled Computing 2008

Wednesday 10 December 2008
08:15 Registration and coffee in the Café
09:20 "Research Overview" (PDF)
D K Arvind, University of Edinburgh
  Session 1 – Free Space Optics
09:40 "Optical Communication in Specknets" (PDF)
Andrea di Falco, University of St Andrews
09:50 "Emitters and Detectors for Inter-Speck Communication" (PDF)
Christopher Reardon, University of St Andrews
10:10 "Optical Device Integration" (PDF)
Karl Welna, University of St Andrews
10:20 "Free Space Optical Communication System Using VCSELs" (PDF)
James Mathews, University of Edinburgh
11.00 "Receiver Synchronisation for CDMA-based Specknet Optical Communication" (PDF)
Louise Crockett, University of Strathclyde
11.20 "Sectoring Localisation Algorithm (SLA)" (PDF)
Ryan McNally, University of Edinburgh
11.40 "Implementation of the SLA on the Perspeckz Testbed" (PDF)
James Mathews, University of Edinburgh

Session 2 – “Energy Neutral” Computation
12:00 "Energy Neutral Platform for Specknets" (PDF)
Matthew Barnes, University of Edinburgh
12:20 "Rechargeable Lithium-Oxygen Batteries for Specknets" (PDF)
Allan Paterson, University of St Andrews
12:40 "Microbial Fuel Cells for Specknets" (PDF)
Igor Goryanin, University of Edinburgh
13:00 "Compound Semiconductor Photovoltaics Optimised for Artificial Lighting Conditions" (PDF)
Matthew Steer, University of Glasgow

Session 3 – Design Environment for Specknets
14:20 "Co-Simulation in SpeckSim" (PDF)
Ryan McNally and Chris Conway, University of Edinburgh
14:40 "Comparison of Low-Power MAC Protocols" (PDF)
Ana Simoes and Graham Booth, University of Edinburgh
15:00 "Passive Channel Sampling" (PDF)
Janek Mann, University of Edinburgh
15:20 "Wireless Channel Modelling for Specknets" (PDF)
Faisal Darbari, University of Strathclyde
15:40 "Prototyping of Quasi MMIC Radios" (PDF)
Khaled Elgaid, University of Glasgow
  Session 4 – Radio and Physical Layer for Specknets
16:30 "Low-Power, Compact 10 GHZ Radio Transceiver" (PDF)
Ian McGregor, University of Glasgow
16:50 "Micro-Watt Radio Transceivers Operating Around 10 GHz" (PDF)
Chi Jeon Hwang, University of Glasgow
17:10 "Low Arithmetic Complexity qpsk IF Radio Implementation" (PDF)
Zuoyin Tang, University of Strathclyde
17:30 "Low Complexity Arithmetic Implementation for DSP Radio Receivers" (PDF)
Tony Gao, University of Strathclyde
17:50 "Sigma-Delta Based Specknet Microphone Array for Acoustic Monitoring" (PDF)
Ousman Sadiq, University of Strathclyde

Thursday 11 December 2008
Registration and coffee in the Café
  Session 5 – Wireless Motion Capture
09:00 "Improvements in the Orient Motion Capture System" (PDF)
Martin Ling, University of Edinburgh
09:20 "Comparison of Orientation Estimation Algorithms" (PDF)
Alex Young, University of Edinburgh
09:40 "OFDM Channelisation for Multichannel Specknet Data Synchronisation" (PDF)
Neil McEwan, University of Strathclyde
10:00 "Step Tracking in Motion Viewer" (PDF)
Paul McEwan, University of Edinburgh
10:20 "Integration of Positional Information from a Camera in Motion Viewer" (PDF)
Aris Valtazanos, University of Edinburgh
10:30 "Speckled Robots" (PDF)
Michal Bartosik, University of Edinburgh
11.10 "Speckled Computing Applications Centre" (PDF)
D K Arvind, University of Edinburgh

Session 6 – Pervasive Health
11.20 "Speckled Computing for Pervasive Health" (PDF)
Janek Mann, University of Edinburgh
11.30 "Telehealth in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease" (PDF)
Janet Hanley, Queen’s Medical Research Institute, NHS Lothian 
11:50 "Monitoring Chest Wall Movement using Specknets"
Andrew Bates, University of Edinburgh
12:10 "Clinical Gait Analysis" (PDF)
Ben Cox and Alison Richardson, Astley Ainslie Hospital, NHS Lothian
12:30 "Early Moves- Investigating the Development of Movement Skills in the Nursery"
Martine Verheul and Jan McIntyre, University of Edinburgh
12:50 "Early Results in Movement Analysis using Orients" (PDF)
Alex Young, University of Edinburgh
13:00 "Extending the Reach of the Medical Care Environment – Early User Focused Design Concepts using Orients" (PDF)
Sarah Kettley, TansleyShakeshaft Design

 Session 7 – Pervasive Games/Art/Sports
(Location: Atrium)
14:20 "Portable Motion Capture for Golf"
Chris Davis, University of Edinburgh
 14:40 "Motion Tracking in Improvisational Performances"
Vangelis Lympouridis, University of Edinburgh
15:00 An Immersive Ball Throwing Game
James Anderson, David Andreoletti, Jay Kotak, Alistair McFarlane, Mitesh Mistry and Aris Valtazanos, University of Edinburgh
15:10 The Speckled “Street Fighter”
Thomas Drapier, Jonathan Lockhart, Stuart Blackwood and Vasilios Danias, University of Edinburgh
15:20  The Speckled Cricketer
Jonathan Lockhart, University of Edinburgh
15:30  The Speckled Tennis Player
Jake Lever, Andrei Lyashko and Michael Clarke, University of Edinburgh

 Session 8 – Pervasive Monitoring
16:00 "Monitoring Plant Stress using Specknets" (Simon Oxley PDF) (Mat Barnes PDF)
Simon Oxley, Scottish Agricultural College and Mat Barnes, University of
16:20 "Pervasive Monitoring of Built Environments" (PDF)
Alan Anderson, Chris Conway, Graham Booth, Will Cooke and Will Barbour, University of Edinburgh
16:40 "Integration of SpeckSim and Solarium" (PDF)
Ryan McNally, University of Edinburgh
17:00  "Specknet for Real-Time Orientation and Deformation Tracking of Flexible Wings in Kite Wind Energy Generation" (PDF)
Alister Furey, University of Sussex