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6th Workshop & Open Day in Speckled Computing 2007

09:00 Registration and coffee in St Leonard’s Hall
09:30 Research Overview (PDF)
D K Arvind, University of Edinburgh
09:45 Session 1 - Free-space Optics
  “Free-space Optical Communication” (PDF)
Thomas Krauss (University of St Andrews)
  “Localisation using Optical Communication” (PDF)
Ryan McNally (University of Edinburgh)
11:00 Session 2 – Energy-conscious Design
  “Low-power Radio Design” (PDF)
Ian McGregor (University of Glasgow)
  “Fabrication of Ultra Low-power MMIC Devices for Specknets” (PDF)
Harold Chong (University of Glasgow)
  “24GHz Low Power UWB compact TX/RX MMIC” (PDF)
Chi Jeon Hwang (University of Glasgow)
  “Antennas for Specknets” (PDF)
Griogair Whyte (University of Glasgow)
  “Channel Estimation for Specknets” (PDF)
Faisal Darbari (University of Strathclyde)
  “SpeckMAC: Low-power MAC Protocol for Specknets” (PDF)
Mat Barnes (University of Edinburgh)
  “MANET Routing Algorithms for Specknets” (PDF)
Siddhu Warrier
14:00 Session 3: Energy Storage and Scavenging
  "Energy Storage: Li-ion Batteries for Specks and Beyond" (PDF)
Allan Paterson (University of St Andrews)
  "Towards III-Vs on GoI” (PDF)
Colin Stanley (University of Glasgow)
14:30 Session 4: Orient-2 and Beyond
  “Wireless Motion Tracking - Past, Present and Future”
Alex Young (University of Edinburgh)
  “Orient 3 – Design and Development”
Martin Ling (University of Edinburgh)
  “FFT-based Data Extraction for Specknets” (PDF)
Neil MacEwen (University of Strathclyde)
  “Speckled Telerobotics”
Anand Kulkarni (University of California at Berkeley)
  “Spatial aspects of CDMA-enabled Specknets” (PDF)
Louise Crockett (University of Strathclyde)
15:45 Session 5: Distributed Algorithms
  "Location Discovery in Specknets" (PDF)
Ryan McNally (University of Edinburgh)
  "Communication Protocol with 2-hop Interference Prevention" (PDF)
Janek Mann (University of Edinburgh)
  "Immune-Inspired Approach to Specknets” (PDF)
Despina Davoudani (Napier University)
  “Distributed Clustering Algorithms for Specknets” (PDF)
Andrew Bates (University of Edinburgh)
  "Distributed Algorithm for Emergency Evacuation” (PDF)
Mat Barnes (University of Edinburgh)
18:00 Research Advisory Board meeting in the Bonnar Room, St Leonard’s Hall
John Campbell QC (Chairman)
D K Arvind (Consortium Director), Colin Adams, David Creed, Peter Frith, Francisco Garcia, John Gray, Terry Hurley, John Innes, Thomas Krauss, Roger Meike, Alan Miller, David Miller, Ben Paechter, Iain Ross, Robert Stewart, Iain Thayne.
Minutes (Charmaine Wilson)

Wednesday 12 September 2007 
08:30 Refreshments in St Leonard’s Hall
09:00 “Enhancing Active Play in the Early Years”
Lydia Plowman (University of Stirling )
09:20 "Ensemble - a sound and jewellery installation with Speckled Computing” (PDF)
Sarah Kettley (Napier University)
09:40 “Information for Action Technology. Motion analysis in diagnosis, therapy and training”
Benjaman Schogler (University of Edinburgh)
09:50 “Developing Early Diagnosis of Infant and Neuropathology” (PDF)
Jonathan Delafield-Butt (University of Edinburgh)
10:00 “Clinical Gait Analysis: Potential Advantages of WSN Technology Over Passive Optical Measurement” (PDF)
Ben Cox (Gait Laboratory)
10:20 “Specks, Motion Tracking and the Impact on Animation and Visualisation” (PDF)
Mark Milne and Ian Johnston (Digital Design Studio)
11:00 “Sonification of Gestures Using Specknets” (PDF)
Vangelis Lympouridis (University of Edinburgh)
11:20 “The Speckled Golfer” (PDF)
Andrew Bates (University of Edinburgh)
11:40 “Applications of Speck-Robot Systems”
Anand Kulkarni ( University of California at Berkeley)