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4th Workshop in Speckled Computing

This Workshop took place at the Prestonfield and Salisbury Rooms at the John McIntyre Centre within the Pollock Halls of Residence.

Thursday 15 September 2005

 12:00  Registration with a light lunch in the Salisbury Room
 12:30 "Speckled Computing – Half-Term Report" (PDF)
D K Arvind, University of Edinburgh
 13:00 "The 5Cube and 5CubeOTS Projects" (PDF)
Hugh Leather and Martin Ling, University of Edinburgh
 13:20 "Powering Specknets: Advanced Rechargeable Lithium Batteries" (PDF)
Allan Paterson, University of St Andrews
 13:40 "A Low-Power Digital Transceiver for the 5Cube" (PDF)
Louise Crockett and Neil MacEwen, University of Strathclyde
 14:00 "Transceiver ASIC Design for the 5Cube" (PDF)
Matthew Barnes and Martin Ling, University of Edinburgh
 14:20 "Miniaturisation of Antennas for Specknet" (PDF)
Griogair Whyte, University of Glasgow
 14:40 "Prototype Radio Xceiver"
Ian McGregor, University of Glasgow
 14:50 "Low-Power LNA/PA" (PDF)
Ali Albuelmaatti, University of Glasgow
 15:00 "5x5mm MMIC Transceiver" (PDF)
Khalid Elgaid, University of Glasgow
 15:40 "ProSpeckz64: A Testing Grid for Specknets" (PDF)
Matthew Barnes and Tom Feist, University of Edinburgh
 16:00 "Methods of Distributed Duty-Cycling for Specks" (PDF)
Steven Wong, University of Edinburgh
 16;20 "Multiple Dispatch and Code Diffusion in Specknets" (PDF)
Andy Koppe, University of Edinburgh
 16:40 "Distributed Posture Tracking" (PDF)
Alex Young, University of Edinburgh
 17:00 "Towards Biospecks" (PDF)
Marc Blenkiron, University of Edinburgh
 18:00 Research Advisory Board meeting in the Salisbury Room
 20:00 Reception and Dinner in the Prestonfield Room

Friday 16 September 2005

 08:45 Coffee in the Salisbury Room
 09:00 "Pervasive Networks – A Defensive and Security Sector Perspective"
John Innes, SELEX (formerly BAE Systems)
 09:40 "Location Discovery in SpeckNets" (PDF)
Ryan McNally, University of Edinburgh
 10:00 "SpeckZones and Mobile Specks"
Andrew Bates, University of Edinburgh
 10:20 "Channel Estimation for Short Range Wireless Sensor Network" (PDF)
Faisal Darbari, University of Strathclyde
 11:00 "Optical Triangulation in Specks" (PDF)
Chris Reardon, University of St Andrews
 11:20 "Optical Beam Steering" (PDF)
Christina Carlsson, University of St Andrews
 13:00 "Speckled Computing: A New Challenge for Human-Computer Interaction"(PDF)
Matthew Leach, Napier University
 13:20 "Tracking Time"
Vanessa Bullick, Edinburgh College of Art
 13:40 "Tracking Time: Technical Details"
Janek Mann, University of Edinburgh
 14:00 Demonstrations/Discussions (Coffee available)