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3rd Workshop in Speckled Computing 2005

Friday 20 May 2005

 08:30 Registration with coffee in the Bonnar Room
 09:00 Welcome
D K Arvind, University of Edinburgh
 09:20 “Rechargeable Batteries for Specknet” (PDF)
Allan Paterson, University of St Andrews
 09:40 “Optical Beam Steering” (PDF)
Christina Carlsson, University of St Andrews
 10:00 “Optical Triangulation” (PDF)
Chris Reardon, University of St Andrews
 10:20 “Miniaturisation of Antennas for Specknet” (PDF)
Griogair Whyte, University of Glasgow
 10:40 “Prototype Low Power RF Front End” (PDF)
Ian McGregor, University of Glasgow
 11:20 “Multicast routing on ProSpeckz II” (PDF)
Martin Ling, University of Edinburgh
 11:40 “Power Aware SpeckZones” (PDF)
Andrew Bates, University of Edinburgh
 12:00 “Memory and Bandwidth Considerations for Location Maintenance” (PDF)
Ryan McNally, University of Edinburgh
 12:20 “Thoughts on Location” (PDF)
Alex Young, University of Edinburgh
 12:40 “Ideas for Programming Specknets” (PDF)
Andy Koppe, University of Edinburgh
 13:00 “ProSpeckz Applications: Two Case Studies”
Steven Wong, University of Edinburgh
 14:20 “Visualising Social Space with Networked Jewellery” (PDF)
Sarah Kettley, Napier University
 14:20 “Offering a View of the Invisible” (PDF)
Mathew Leach, Napier University
 15:00 “Self-Organisation in Specknets” (PDF)
Tom Ten Thij, Napier University
 16:20 "A Low-Power OOK Digital Transceiver” (PDF)
Neil MacEwen, University of Strathclyde
 16:40 “A Low-Power OOK digital Transceiver – Moving Forward” (PDF)
Louise Crockett, University of Strathclyde
 17:00 “Wireless Channel Estimation” (PDF)
Faisal Darbari, University of Strathclyde
 17:20 “Performance Issues of Non-Coherent Envelope Detectors” (PDF)
Eugen Pfann, University of Strathclyde