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2nd Workshop in Speckled Computing 2004

Thursday 2 September 2004

 12:00            Registration with coffee in the Bonnar Room
 12:30  "Speckled Computing – An Overview" (PDF)
D K Arvind, University of Edinburgh
 13:00     "UWB Test System"
Ian McGregor, University of Glasgow
 13:20     "Design and use of Antennas for UWB and Narrowband Systems" (PDF1) (PDF2)
Griogair Whyte, University of Glasgow
 13:40 "Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMICs) Realization for Speck-net Applications" (PDF)
Khaled Elgaid, University of Glasgow
 14:00 "Channel Modelling and Virtual Interface of Specks in the Physical Layer" (PDF)
Eugen Pfann, University of Strathclyde
 14:20 "Physical Layer for the Specknet – Design and Simulation" (PDF)
Louise Crockett, University of Strathclyde
 15:20 "ProSpeckz III – Design and Implementation" (PDF)
Steven Wong and Martin Ling, University of Edinburgh
 15:40  "Clustering Algorithm for Specknets" (PDF)
Andrew Bates, University of Edinburgh
 16:00 "Location and Motion in Specknets" (PDF)
Ryan McNally, University of Edinburgh
 16:20 "Design Issues for the Speck Architecture" (PDF)
Alex Young, University of Edinburgh
 16:40 "Specknet Applications in the Automotive Sector"
Patrick Robertson, Motorola Global Software Centre
 17:00 "A Programming Model for Specknets" (PDF)
Janek Mann, University of Edinburgh
 18:00 Research Advisory Board meeting in the Bonnar Room (John Campbell QC (Chairman)D K Arvind (Consortium Director); Duncan Bremner; Terry Hurley (in place of David Creed); Peter Frith; John Gray; Thomas Krauss, Alan Miller; David Miller; John Nolan; Ben Paechter; Patrick Robertson; Iain Ross; Nick Shelness; Terry Shepherd; Robert Stewart; Iain Thayne; Rick Trutna. Charmaine Wilson (Minutes)
 Reception and Dinner at Abden House, Pollock Halls of Residence

Friday 3 September 2004

 08:45 Registration with coffee in the Bonnar Room
 09:00 "Sensor Network Activities at Agilent"
Rick Trutna, Agilent Laboratories
 09:20 "Sun Labs Research: Transducer Networks"
John Nolan, SUN Microsystems
 09:40 "ITI Techmedia: Initial Focus, Defining Programmes" (PDF)
Terry Hurley, Techmedia ITI
 10:40 "Medical Applications of Speckled Networks – Opportunities & Challenges" (PDF)
Simon Maxwell, Western General Hospital
 11:00 "Speckled Computing: From Virtual Reality to Computational Environments" (PDF)
Mark Wright, University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh College of Art
 11:20 "A Design-Led Approach to Smart Jewellery with ProSpeckz" (PDF)
Sarah Kettley, Napier University
 11:40 "Stress Responsive Office Systems with ProSpeckz" (PDF)
Andrew Smith, Edinburgh College of Art
 12:00 "Post-Optimal Electronics" (PDF)
Nick Sharwood-Smith, Edinburgh College of Art
 14:00 "Optical Inter-Speck Communication" (PDF)
Thomas Krauss, University of St Andrews
 14:20 "Communication Protocols for Speckled Computing"
Steven Wong, University of Edinburgh
 14:40 "Energy Issues in Specknets" (PDF)
Hugh Leather, University of Edinburgh