Edinburgh International Science Festival 2014

The Personal Quality of Environment (PQE) monitor was unveiled to the public on 12th April 2014 at the SEPA organised "Science Needs You" event held at Summerhall, as part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival. Members of the public had the opportunity to try out the PQE monitor walking around the Summerhall venue. The data they collected was then uploaded to the server and displayed live on the large monitor.

 PQE Monitor    
 Researcher Mike Walters wearing PQE monitor

Dr Colin Gillespie of SEPA
test-driving the PQE monitor

 Route taken    
 Graph of sensor data from PQE    
 Presentation at SEPA organised 'Science Needs You' event at Edinburgh International Science Festival

 Audience at 'Science Needs You' event    
 PQE stall
 Members of the public trying out PQE monitor
 Members of the public trying out PQE monitor