Composing with the Hypercello

Italian cellist Nicola Baroni has been using the Orient Motion Capture system in an innovative approach to composition.

Teatro Comunale, Bologna, Italy, 22 March 2013

1'18" for a String Player (1953/2013), Nicola Baroni, hypercello elaboration from John Cage
Orients motion tracking and IRCAM Vocoder.

0'00" (1962), John Cage 
Performed by Nicola Baroni and Marinella Manicardi.
Orients motion tracking and IRCAM Vocoder.

IV MASKFEST, Sal Silentium, Bologna, Italy, 13 May 2013
The Land And (2013), collaborative composition by Massimiliano Messieri and Nicola Baroni
Performed by Nicola Baroni and Michele Selva.
Spatialization with the Orients motion tracking. Il domestico di Edgar (1996), Roberto Doati
Michele Selva on saxophone; orients (live electronics) Nicola Baroni.

Workshop at the Academy of Music and Drama, Gothenburg, Sweden, 15 May 2013 

 Innspace, Edinburgh, 20 June 2013
Connection from Stockhausen’s Aus den Sieben Tagen (1968/2013)
Nicola Baroni on hypercello.
Orients motion tracking, 8 speakers, Ambisonics system.